Get ready to ride. Electric scooters to hit Sacramento streets Friday

Get ready to ride. Electric scooters to hit Sacramento streets Friday

Beginning this Friday, Uber, known for its popular JUMP electric bike-share fleet, will launch Sacramento’s first electric scooter service.

To ride, download the JUMP app. As part of the launch, Uber is hosting two helmet giveaways, where we will will hand out helmets and distribute resources with safety tips to encourage safe riding behavior - including guidance on how to wear a helmet and reminders to follow the rules of the road. The giveaway in Sacramento will run from 10am - 11am PT on Friday February 8 at Old Soul Coffee (3434 Broadway) - and free coffee will be available. The giveaway in West Sacramento will run from 5 - 6pm PT at The Barn (985 Riverfront St) - and Real Dutch Stroopwafels will be available for free.

About 100 of the cherry red scooters will be part of the first wave in Sacramento and West Sacramento, with the company adding vehicles as it expands bike rack capacity. The scooters will be available in the same area as JUMP’s bike-share service in Sacramento: from the American River to Fruitridge Road, and from Power Inn Road to the Sacramento River. Scooters will also be available in West Sacramento’s existing bike-share boundaries including Southport from Davis Road to Jefferson Boulevard.

Electric scooters, which already have launched in cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles, have a top speed of around 15 mph.


Uber is allowed to bring scooters to Sacramento under its existing permit for electric bikes. At this time, JUMP is the only company that has applied for a permit in Sacramento. The City is currently developing regulations for shared bikes and scooters based on experience from JUMP, input from stakeholders and best practices. The goal is to avoid some of the problems that other cities experienced, such as scooters littering the sidewalks.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg applauded the arrival of the scooters as a new form of shared, clean mobility. “I’m particularly proud that we’ve taken the time to learn from other cities so that we can welcome scooters to Sacramento in a way that best protects our city’s qualify of life and the safety of riders, drivers and pedestrians,” he said.

“The City is excited about another transportation option , but we want to ensure that all scooter riders know safety tips and follow traffic laws,” said Jennifer Donlon Wyant, Active Transportation Specialist.

Sacramento requires the scooters to be parked at a bike rack.

Uber plans to host two helmet giveaways on Friday. In addition to helmets, the company will be providing tips on how to ride safely. In Sacramento, the giveaway — which will include free coffee— will run from 10 a.m.- 11 a.m. at the Old Soul Coffee at 3434 Broadway in Oak Park. If you can’t make it in the morning, head over to The Barn in West Sacramento, 985 Riverfront St. from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and get your helmet and a free stroopwafel from the Real Dutch Stroopwafels food cart.

Here’s how to — and how not to — ride the new JUMP scooters:

People who plan to use shared services should do so in a safe manner. Please follow these guidelines to help keep Sacramento moving safely.

Pedestrians First

  • It is illegal in California to use a motorized scooter on a sidewalk. (Cal. Vehicle Code, § 21235.)

  • City Code allows bicycle riding on sidewalks (City Code, § 10.76.010.) but bicyclists must yield to pedestrians and slow down, stop or dismount as needed. Bicyclists must give an audible warning if passing a pedestrian.

Park Responsibly 
Park in a secure, upright position at a bike rack. Bikes and scooters must be parked at bike racks.

Stay on Right of Way
Do not take shared bikes or scooters to unauthorized areas, such as private property unless otherwise authorized.

If you see a bike or scooter toppled over or parked improperly, you can report to 311. Please include:

  • Location (address or intersection)

  • Identification number and company (all shared bikes and scooters must have a unique identification number)

  • Description of the issue such as blocked sidewalk or broken device


Is bike share a city program?

Bike share is a private business operating in the City of Sacramento. Any bike share business operating in the City of Sacramento must follow city laws and have a permit to operate in the City. 

How fast do motorized scooters and electric assist bikes travel?

  • The speed limit for scooters in California is 15 mph. (Cal. Vehicle Code, § 22411.)

  • The City has further required that shared bikes and scooters be modified to prevent the motor from providing assistance if the device’s speed exceeds 15 mph.

What are the rules for using a motorized scooter?

How do the rules for bicycles and scooters differ?

  • License: No driver’s license or instruction permit is required to operate a shared bicycle.

  • Sidewalks: City Code allows bicycles to ride on a sidewalk. (City Code, § 10.76.010.)

  • Streets: Users can ride on a street with a posted speed limit greater than 25 mph, even if there is no bike lane available.

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