The Steinberg Review June 23 - June 29

The Steinberg Review June 23 - June 29

Every week we highlight important news around the greater Sacramento region.

KQED News: Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg on His Reforms to California's Initiative System and Addressing Homelessness Locally

Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg talks about his 2014 law that allowed the legislature to negotiate ballot measures (8:32), his reputation as a nice guy in politics (14:50) the difference between addressing homelessness as a mayor and a legislator (16:47)

Sacramento Business Journal: Sacramento awards nearly $1 million in technology workforce development grants

The city of Sacramento on Thursday named the selected groups that have been awarded nearly $1 million in innovation grants.

The Sacramento Bee: This may be downtown Sacramento's most boring corridor. Would a facelift change that?

For decades, the O in O Street downtown might as well have symbolized a big yawn.  There's a bit of noontime life to the street at Archives Plaza and the food cluster at 14th Street. Otherwise, O is notable for little more than parking lots, light rail lines and gray office buildings fronting blank sidewalks.

Sacramento Business Journal: UC Davis plans aggressive development of Aggie Square in Sacramento

University of California, Davis Chancellor Gary May is pushing for rapid development of the proposed Aggie Square research and innovation center in Sacramento.

KTXL Fox 40: ‘Hell with You’: Steinberg Defends Comments at Testy City Council Meeting

It's not a stretch to say Tuesday's Sacramento City Council meeting was not a typical evening at City Hall.  "When you refer to members of the police force as 'the Gestapo,' I find that unacceptable. Period.

The Sacramento Bee: Would Sacramento's proposed sales tax increase go to pensions, salaries?

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has an ambitious plan for what he would do with a sales tax increase in the city.  As Sacramento struggles with a simmering housing crisis, he'd likely try to use some of the tax revenue from a planned November ballot measure to build affordable housing.

KCRA 3: Dozens protest investment firm cornering rental housing market in Sacramento

Dozens of people protested Thursday in Roseville against Blackstone, an investment firm that has overtaken the rental housing market in the Sacramento area, leading to increased costs.

Steinberg Senate bill may have saved city from financial catastrophe

Steinberg Senate bill may have saved city from financial catastrophe

Construction finished on busy blocks of R Street

Construction finished on busy blocks of R Street